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Emoji of Tonya sitting at a table Welcome to CandidKids Creations! My name is Tonya, and CandidKids Creations was created as a way for me to teach my children how to cook some of the recipes they have grown up enjoying and to share some basic cooking and household tips with them as well. I also will include new recipes my family decides to try out. Iím a busy mom with teenage children, and Iím sure some of this site's visitors will be able to relate to my life!

CandidKids Creations is for you if you want to learn how to cook, want some new ideas for family dinners, want to see how some tips and tricks worked out for me for household tasks, or maybe youíve always felt you couldnít cook and want to give it a try again. I'm always looking for new methods of cooking and experimenting with new recipes. New in 2020, I'll be adding recipes using the George Foreman Evolve Grill, the Instant Pot, and sharing some of my experiences of following a ketogenic way of eating. If you fit any of the above descriptions, you should enjoy exploring this site.

Some pages on this website contain Amazon shopping links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Using these links WILL NOT cost you more, but it will support this website and my YouTube channel if you make a purchase after using any of these links. I've found the links are an easy way to show you some of the products I've found helpful and may give you ideas of what you can use or modify from what you have in your own kitchen.

I enjoy hearing from others who share a common interest so feel free to send me a message at or connect through one of our other social media platforms.

Now letís get cooking so we can answer the question the kids always ask, "Whatís for dinner?"

Tonya Wollum

Photo of Tonya with her family
Steve, Emily, Tonya, and Christopher
Christmas 2017

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